5 Best Makeup Products for Summer

  1. Tinted Moisturizer – Summer heat means goodbye to heavy foundations! You don’t want to feel sticky and cakey and all day so it’s best to stick with a lightweight tinted moisturizer. Smooths and evens out your complexion while keeping you looking fresh and glowy.
  2. Lip Tint Oil – Out with the matte, in with the supple kissable lips! A tint oil will give you the benefits of a long wearing tint but also keeping your lips hydrated!
  3. Long-wearing Cream Eyeshadow – Let your eyes keep looking fabulous even when you’re at the beach! Long-wearing cream shadows will stay put all day with no creasing to ensure your eye look looks great before and after a day at the beach.
  4. Waterproof Mascara – you don’t want your mascara running when everything else looks flawless! A waterproof mascara with a primer will give you the volume and length that you want while making sure it stays put!
  5. Bronzer – If you’re spending your summer in the sun, you definitely need a bronzer to match! Keep that bronzy glow going with a bronzer that matches your tan!

Are Makeup Courses Worth It?

Makeup Courses range in prices and the method of teaching. In person makeup courses will be more expensive than online makeup courses. The question is, are either worth the time and money? As a makeup artist, you want to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest techniques and products. Makeup courses will teach you the basics but will rarely teach you new techniques going around. As a new makeup artist training graduate, you are able to apply for makeup artist discounts for certain brands but only if your school is accredited as a proper makeup artist course. The majority of courses will not be accredited and therefore you will need to build a portfolio before applying to receive makeup artist discounts. Paying for a makeup course might not benefit you as much as you would think.


What makes a good makeup artist course?
After going through the course, if you are able to start working on a client, are able to show prospects work you have done, and have the necessary items, then I would say the course was effective. Before acquiring clients, you should have a portfolio that showcases your work. If you are focusing on a certain type of makeup (i.e. bridal, prom, natural, etc.), your portfolio should reflect that. Once you are able to get your first client, you should have the knowledge to do their makeup. Of course, practice makes perfect, but your first client should be good enough to be proud of.


What are some alternatives to makeup courses?
Essentially, makeup courses are teaching you the basics and making you practice on your own. This can be done by obtaining the knowledge from the internet (or through books!).


One of the best makeup artist books is Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin. This book will teach you the basics of makeup in application and techniques. Even though this book has been out in the market for quite a while, the techniques shown are timeless. You will learn application methods that can be applied for any client and any decade.

makeup courses

If you prefer a more recent book, Bobbi Brown has a very good book called, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro. This book will go through the steps of makeup. Skincare, to proper foundation, to eyes, to cheeks, and lips. Not only will this book teach to the proper foundations for becoming a makeup artist, but it will also give you tips and tricks on how to break into the business as a makeup artist.

There are a lot of makeup artists that share their knowledge for free on blogs and youtube. The best way is to look through the curriculums of makeup artist courses and find videos on how to do it. For example, most courses will teach you, at the very least, about natural makeup and bridal makeup. You research natural makeup and see the techniques for different makeup artists. You practice it on your own and when you feel confident, you ask someone if you can do their makeup for free. You take pictures and add it to your portfolio.


In the end, it is your decision to pay for a makeup course; you will definitely learn something from it. But if you have the dedication and determination, you can get the same results for much less.